In „Marketing for Dummys“ we learned to put the core statement at the beginning of the post to spare the user from further interactions. So there you go: We have an album. If you wanna know what to expect, kindly be our guest and read on. If you wanna help out, spread the word. We would appreciate it.

So today, after nearly a decade of songwriting and production, we put the finishing touches to the last two songs on the long promised FTANNG! album. And what a decade that was. Like everyone, we experienced losses, moments of joy and sorrow, said goodbye to people and welcomed new ones into our lives. 
All that we put into this album. Our kind of therapy. It’s not a happy album. But it’s the most authentic and honest music we’ve probably ever written and we can’t wait to proudly release it into this world.

To be honest, we don’t know how to feel right now. Probably exhausted, happy and also a bit scared. 
At this point we don’t know what comes next and in which way the album’s going to be released. But we’ve made it this far and the point of no return has been reached a long time ago.

From the bottom of our hearts: Thank you for staying with us. We appreciate every single one of you. 
Not long now.