HAPPINESS release date 

Hello guys,we're happy to announce that our new single "Happiness" will be released on Monday, April 28, after it premieres exclusively on the Australian radio show  "Dark Essence Radio". The show airs from 10pm to 12am (Australian Eastern Standard Time, 2pm - 4pm CET) and will feature a short interview with Dorian & Peter. The show is also available as a webcast for the rest of the… Read more

Happiness is coming 

Our new single "Happiness" will be released later this month. Keep your eyes open for further information. 

New Remix  

While finishing the next single, we found some time to work on a remix for MC1R's upcoming album, which is now available for pre-order.It's a really cool piece of electronic music. Get your copy after the jump:https://nickjonath.bandcamp.com/album/mc1r-20th-anniversary-dcd-preview

Buying and streaming 

Besides the free downloads, we also try to cater to the more traditional music consumers. That's why we sell our singles in digital stores like itunes, amazon, etc.Thanks to our distribution partner, we're able to keep 100% of the sales revenue. There are no 3rd parties like labels or publishers involved. So, if you want to help out and support our mission, here's a list of shops where you can get our music, as… Read more

Video Interview 

Let's go for something new today.Until friday, october 4, we'll take your questions. Ask us anything you want. The answers will be published as video interview on our youtube channel. You can either submit them here, or via e-mail to ftanng@weareftanng.com or via the ask-form on our tumblr (weareftanng.tumblr.com).Be creative, best question wins something.FT!PS: If you like our music or appreciate what we do, feel free to press the donate button and support the good cause.

MEANING out now! 

Ladies and Gentlemen,  without wasting too many words: Our new single MEANING is now available for free download.It comes in two different versions: The regular version is for any kind of audio device with an automatic volume limiter such as iphones, mp3 players, etc. The audiophile version is for audio lovers with sound systems that are capable of turning up the volume as much as they like.This version preserves the… Read more

It's a single's world  

Hello everyone.„Music Ruminations“ asked via twitter: “why do you believe the album is dead? i would have thought it is a larger canvas to express yourselves? Something we all want“ So I gave it some thoughts and research and here is the answer: I believe the album as a business model is no longer in harmony with the way people consume music. It’s a singles economy now, the album is on its way to… Read more

Almost there 

Guys, this is one of those moments I wish I wasn’t myself. I hate to break you this news: We decided to follow the advice of our producer and give ourselves more time with mixing MEANING. It just doesn’t sound like it’s supposed to sound right now, everyone in the studio hast he feeling that the song can be way more than it is right now. That’s why it makes absolutely no sense to release it now, only to… Read more

We have a date 

So, July 27 is the date. After nearly 2 ½ years we will finally return to Tim Schuldt’s 4cn studios to record our third song “Meaning”. Which is a good choice, in my opinion. It’s a song I’ve written, arranged and recorded within less than a week, finding myself in a situation with a total lack of perspective. The lines “I don’t see any sense in what I do” and “I want to give my life a meaning” perfectly reflect what I… Read more


That awkward moment, when your favourite band suddenly presents you a new single...