FTANNG! is the musical effort of Dorian Deveraux and Pee Wee Vignold. 

The purpose of FTANNG! is to exist outside of what the so-called traditional music industry has become over the last couple of years. This is the place to spread our music. We will be offering physical product at reasonable prices in the foreseeable future, but we strongly believe that the time has come when music should be free and consequently is free, whether we like it or not. Hence FTANNG! will always be giving away their music for free as high quality MP3 downloads.

All music on this site is licensed under a creative commons attribution share alike license. You are very welcome to help us spread our music by sharing it with all your friends, posting it all over the internet or using it as musical backdrop for any non-commercial purposes (homemade videos, student films, performances, art installations, podcasts, presentations etc. - if you do so, please share your photos, links etc. with us so we can proudly show it off). All we ask you is never to charge any money for it or use it for commercial purposes without former written agreement.

This site will be your first source for free music, the latest updates and anything FTANNG!-related so be sure to check back frequently and get a load of all the good stuff we will be throwing at you.

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